Log Home Manufacturers

For those looking for log home manufacturers in the USA, Timber Block log home manufacturers is at the top of the list. Timber Block is one of the top log home manufacturers, with homes delivered all over the country, and beyond. In fact, there are Timber Block homes built in at least 5 countries. In its core market, Timber Block log home manufacturers has built over 45 percent of all log homes. Its parent company has been in the building industry for over 35 years. The Timber Block process is a patented process – different from all log home manufacturers.

Each log is insulated with a high density polyurethane insulation, sanded and stained (within the hour) stacked, bonded under 6000 pounds of pressure and thru-bolted every 24 inches. The panels are then stacked and shipped to the location of the build. Due to the flat stacking process that is so efficient, Timber Block log homes can be built anywhere.

Timber Block stands out from other log home manufacturers in many other ways as well. The walls of Timber Block homes literally go up in hours. The homes are then able to be dried in and weather tight within 7-10 days. This is also a huge bonus to the homeowner, because their home is protected from the elements of weather, but also due to the much quicker build time, Timber Block homeowners are able to be in their home and enjoying their new house AT LEAST 60 days faster than most traditionally built homes! Not many log home manufacturers have those bragging rights!

R-30 wall insulation is also standard in every Timber Block home. This, along with a tight thermal envelope ensures a highly energy efficient home. So, not only is the homeowner saving money on a faster build time, but will also save plenty of money in heating/cooling costs!

Timber Block log home manufacturers also pride themselves on their green technology. Timber Block uses 60 percent less wood than standard logs, allowing the use of the remaining wood for other components. Timber Block log home manufacturers offers many several stock plans, which are all customizable. They offer full custom as well.

For more information or view recent models please visit Timberblock official website : Log Home